Ecuus Canis Vorax Mechanicus (lat.)

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Ecuus Canis Vorax Mechanicus (lat.)
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What about some meat for horsie?

I decided to make those strange mechanical human-like and animal-like beings to be special class of creatures with its own name, because they fulfill my gallery more and more. Henceforth, any of creatures like Bullsteed or Krones is named mekanite (or sometimes - mekanita). Those two words differ only by phonation and is not designation of gender, because mekanites are genderless. Both words are of both genders, like word “karateka”. Enyone can call mekanite “he” or “she” to his own mind.

Mekanite’s brains have certain functions of intellect. They realize cause-effect relation, a single individuals have faculty of extremely primitive speech. Vocabulary is no more then 15 words. Mekanite speak with separate simple phrases, he is unable to merge them in connected speech. However, even single spoken word is very rare surprise – most time, mekanites screech heartrendingly, roar and growl. Their voices are tremendously loud, irritating and agonizing; its sound is completely unbearable by organic beings.

Mekanites are divided into species. There is from 1 to 50 individuals of each species in existence. On this picture you can see representative of Ecuus Vorax Mechanicus (lat.). Carnivorous horse with well-developed tearing folding jaws. This species have ability to digest organic flesh into heat energy, but also can digest metal “flesh” of other mekanites. They eat still living victims.

Mekanites has their own names, at least most of them. Names are recorded in their memory by their ancient creators. These names are very short and quite strange. This one individual on picture is named Gaur.

Late addition:   In 2011-2012 I changed and complicated conception of mekanites. Most of previous text is not actual anymore.

Date: April 2009.
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Miakhano (author)
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21 декабря 2013, 18:10
Рисунок обновлён в 2013 году. Добавил лёгкий шейдинг и дорисовал тело к голове и шее. Качество дорисованного примерно на старом уровне, чтобы не было диссонанса.