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Inzou’s position in his homeworld(s) is similar to role of Cenarius in a Blizzard’s world of Warcraft, unless Inzou’s style is less pathetic and more bestial in anatomical aspect. He is one of outnumbered half-animal demigods. As a rule, bestial “Titans”, with few exceptions, are born under the sign of Chaos. Provisionally and indirectly, they can also play creative and constructive role, not always destructive. But Inzou creates and preserves deliberately, that’s the difference.

His outward appearance can negatively embarrass people, who are keen on furries and other animalistic creatures. Balance of his bestial and humanlike attributes don’t satisfy conventions, if such exists. Though being four-legged creature with horizontal body alignment, he still has grasping limbs, which is similar to simple humanoid’s hands. In a rough approximation, his body bear a strong resemblance to horse’s body, but have advanced and more elegant structure, functionally more versatile. Inzou is quick and neat in movement, he moves faster and more artfully then horse, and have ability to perform amazingly high jumps (almost 60 feet in height). Can walk at two hind legs fast enough as long as he need’s (though it is very uncomfortable pose for him). Inzou possess intelligence and faculty of speech, that’s why his face (not muzzle!) have extra-bestial attributes – underhung lower jaw, advanced lips expressions, pronounced binocular vision (the latter is uncommon for ungulate, intrinsic for carnivore).

Since Inzou was born in high mountains and dwells there most of his time, his lungs are well adapted for breathing extremely rarefied air (up to 20 miles above sea level). Front legs are much bigger then hind legs, that they can easily support his massive chest. Our “Titan” of Order skillfully manipulates with elemental powers, especially Earth and Air elements. Obtains extrasensory powers – can start a conversation, “appealing” to reasonable creature at a big distance (you will hear warm persistent voice in your head) even if he don’t know required language; also he can to impel an animal to some actions (can allure, can frighten off) or to exorcise weak-willed creature of Chaos. If necessary, Inzou can engage in battle with frenzy and inexorability, performing surprising power, agility and cunning, however those who didn’t see him so deadly, even can’t imagine, that this calm giant can do a thing like that. Anyway, even being performing deadly strike, he resembles surgical scalpel, but not weapon of war.

Inzou is benevolent, noble and gentle; he tries to be always righteous, though his course of life is not supposed to be ”Robin Hood”, not “to protect defenseless”. He has other destination. Though this, he very often spends his time helping to obtain justice, while his true assignment was to keep certain form of balance tooth-and-nail, including unfair ways. Yeah, as most part of intellect-possessors, Inzou is contradictory, and his Path may differs from his ostensible destiny.

Date: June 2006.
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Miakhano (author)
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07 октября 2008, 19:04
Работа обновлена в октябре 2008. Поскольку идея персонажа родилась в 2006 году, оставлю дату создания - 2006. Раз уж концепция существа предполагает его обладание разумом и описывает его характер - я добавляю его в список персонажей.
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01 декабря 2006, 17:40
Строгий и, наверное, справедливый. Гордое животное. Что-то в нем есть.
Знаю, многим нравится. :) Ножки бы вот передние доработать...