Father Karras before Trickster's attack on the City.

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Father Karras before Trickster's attack on the City.
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A little warm-up prior to painting full-sized colour Karras’es portrait.

What about Karras… initially, I planned to confine myself to drawing just single sketch, which portrays Karras in classic Thief-2 style. During process of painting, conception changes – my Karras looked younger then supposed to be, and I liked my picture this way. Drawn Mechanist’s leader looked about 50, despite my initial conventionality to consider his age about 60 or elder (because of his rasping voice). I found this offset to be interesting and decided to shift in time nearly 3-3,5 years earlier than events of “Metal Age”, even before Trickster’s attack on Order Of The Hammer and citizens of the City.

Let it go at that – it’s Karras at his times, when he just began to dissociate from Hammerites Church, when he was not so powerful person of consequence, but already was rather independent and changed his Hammerite apparel for soutane and headwear of Mechanists, wearing them on account of secret preaching meetings.

In these days, Karras’es face radiated an aura of intention and will, ambitions and ability to take a dare. Decided, metallic sight. In what follows, when Mechanist’s Church prevails and dominates, this expression changes for the mix of arrogance, loftiness, insanity and concealed bliss of power. Monstrous spiritual energy burned Karras inside, that’t why, in the lapse of time, from away he began to look old, and from near - ageless.

Date: June 2006.
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Miakhano (author)
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31 января 2008, 17:01
Работа обновлена в январе 2008.
Исправлена переносица и добавлена стилизация под свиток механистов.