Equine steel - Longfoot-001-003.

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Equine steel - Longfoot-001-003.
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First three models of Longfoot series. One common thing - for horse they has too long limbs in comparison with torse. Models were finished almost simultaneously, so their level of technical organization is almost same, they just made for different purposes and environment. 001 - little but strong sturdy child. 001 has no outstanding abilities excluded only one, but very impressive one - he can make items to levitate, if he sees them. So broad overview is exactly main reason for his legs to be so long. 002 is monstrously strong combatant. He is equipped very well, including ranged weapons and can produce heavy fire. He has long legs for broad scope of fire. 003 is a mix of scout and fighter - strong enough, but also fast, clever and nimble. All three models are reasonable creatures, but you have teoretical chance to be their rider, if they gain profit from it. Anyway, nobody of them can ever let you to use a saddle. :)

Date: June 2011.
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Miakhano (author)
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