Ojudo - “the headache”.

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Ojudo - “the headache”.
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At the lands of his habitation, Ojudo is known as natural disaster, no less no more. This lands is populated by authoritative persons – skillful and mighty creatures, who are able to control every existing elements or natural disasters – except violent flesh golem, endowed with complete immunity to magic, who can be slain only physically – with ordinary weapon. Maybe, there is some persons around the place, strong enough to accomplish this, but they won’t do that – it is just not their headache. Really and truly, additional problems for enchanters is good news for fighters.

After incident with killing his own maker, Ojuso started to roam aimlessly around Initiates’es estates, from time to time bursting into the cores of strongholds, settlements and residences, every time inflicting true carnage – now and then.

All this disturbance lasts three years and one day…

When Ojudo disappeared, many breathed freely, thinking that some mighty fighter has destroyed golem once and for all. For thirty eight years they could keep their minds easy, until Ojudo returns – as suddenly as he vanished in past. His attacks become much less frequent, but more unexpected. Already, this lasts five years. Now what?

Date: October 2008.
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