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Small humble people – a sweet-hearted nun and melancholic clerk (accountant). They’re living in some environment which is close to the USA of 1930s. At night, though, they have another role – first one is dark alchemist and manufacturer of poisons with non-human look of creeping serpent/scolopendra, and the second is shady flying beast, studying secrets of people by peering into their windows. What a filthy abominations! They know each other well, but doesn't cooperate, each of them just go in for own dark plans. By the way, they don’t fear daylight even a little; it’s just easier for them to stay unmasked at night than at day.

Music for the mood: Babes In Toyland (Annette Funicello and Tommy Sands) - Just A Toy

Date: March 2017.
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