Tricksie lands.

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Tricksie lands.
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My bet is Garrett has seen more grotesque living beings, than many of pagans did. Frankly, people under wardship of Trickster and Victoria visited only certain places, which was permitted by their lords. Garrett was single person, who never asked permission. But Thief world is huge, and The City is relatively small (*), so unexplored lands ever have something to surprise newcomer. Even Garrett.

Trickster is master of observing life of odd creatures and performing experiments on them. Studying nonpresumable behavior of living matter, he breeds and adds hybrids to his armoury. Certainly, upon at various times he visited every corner of Thief world at least once pending his lo-o-ong life, but even he can not return there regularly.

If Pagans Woods and other alien places were not so deadly, then people could have amazing trip over them, full of discoveries and impressions. The most remote corners keep virginal nature and creatures, which are more ancient then burricks or even craymen.

(*) Description ”small” – is relative characteristic, exactly. I consider area within The Wall to be two times bigger then Moskow. It is very huge space for society, which has only animal-drawn transport.

Date: October 2006.
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