Still you have much to learn, Tusar.

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Still you have much to learn, Tusar.
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Several years ago my friend wrote a legend for role-playing club. Although he is not professional writer, and such a strange mix of Star Wars with classical fantasy was accepted with skepticism by many readers, yet this text contains big piece of wisdom, which was put into Star Wars by George Lucas.

... A rain of attacks fall over old Master, and he got to step back. Finally, Dark Lord chased old teacher to an edge of the cliff, where he had no way to escape.   

- Farewell, my old Mentor!

Tusar raised and made horrible horizontal blow, but Lairus avoided it by bowing down. Then Master made an elegant somersault backward, right into the abyss. Dark lord watched his flight, until his former teacher vanished into mist. After a brief pause, Tusar turned his bloody-red blade off and disappeared in depths of the forest.

If you can't hold and made a step back, then you will never accomplish great achievements. To be true Master means not to be famous and overproud, but to be wise and ready to help.

Larus & Tusar (C) Sealrean Intarrje. Jedi & Sith (C) Lucas Films & Georle Lucas. Classical fantasy races (C) professor Tolkien and european folks.

PS. I know nothing about Lairuses appearance, so I draw him from my imagination.

Date: May 2011.
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Соипинг сан
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12 июня 2011, 20:15
красиво... впечатляет
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05 июня 2011, 15:04
Спасибо тебе, дружище. Очень приятно. :)
Это тебе спасибо за интересных персонажей, которых было занимательно рисовать. ;)