Letters from uncles, cousins, and aunts, Letters to Scotland from the South of France. Written on paper of every hue, The pink, the violet, the white and the blue.
Wystan Hugh Auden


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If you prefer to communicate in real time, then seek me in ICQ system. My number is . Also I have account in Skype, my login is , but I get online in Skype very rarely.

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You can leave your opinion on my artworks directly on pages with those artworks, using form in bottom part of page. It's possible to leave opinion on whole site in guestbook.

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I have , that's russian social network. No groups in other networks yet, sorry.

Rest of Internet.

I am registered in LJ as miakhano, but I don't make entries in those blog. I have that account there only to comment in blogs of acquaintances. For my own purposes, I have diary right here (russian language only). Also, I have similar abandoned account on . I have added some stuff in russian section of Wikipedia. And on famous Deviantart you can find partial mirror of my gallery.