Self photo.

I think, today in drawing I can do several things well. But I am not dare enough to call myself an "artist". I know, there are people, who consider their tolerable art pieces to be enough to call themselves by such a big name, but I have seen works of really talented professionals, I know how magnificient it can be, and finally I know, that word "artist" is not for carefree usage. I call myself just "applied graphic worker", craftsman. English language has good definition – "wannabe artist". I have skills in web-programming, I use them to represent my visual works.

Nickname: Scourge Miakhano
Real name: Maxim V Yershov
Residence: Saint-Petersburg, Russia.
Birth year: 1983
Education: 2005 — University diploma by speciality "Computing machinery programming and automated management systems";

2000 — Secondary school #445 of Saint-Petersburg.
Total length of working: Since 2000.
Current job: Computing center — programmer & designer (August 2005 — Now).
Past jobs: During getting education — unskilled works and graphic pieceworks.
Currently ready to do: Freelance.
Specialize on: Illustrations for books, whole gamut of art for computer games (concept-art, promo-art, covers, posters, textures e.t.c).

Graphics for Web, logotypes, web-design, making website from scratch to useable work.
Skills: Drawing by hand with pencil, drawing & painting with tablet;
Adobe Photoshop — since 1999;
Corel Painter — on occasions, since 2004;

Web-design, HTML coding — since 2003;
PHP, CSS, JavaScript — since 2005;
SQL — since 2003;
Valid & cross-browser coding. My pages are correctly displayed in Opera, Firefox, IE-8, Chrome, Safari and older browsers — IE-6 и Mozilla 1.7;

Also, for a long time I has experience with Visual C++ (1998-2004), but today my C++ skills can be considered as rusted and outdated;

In 2004 I made a lot of animation in Flash, and in 2002 I learned 3D in 3DSMax. This skills are also already rusted.
Portfolio: Contract artworks can be found in corresponding section of my gallery.
Conditions: I am not quite absolute conformist. I oughtn't to conceal: there is things, I don't work with.

Currently, I am occupied on nearly 80%, I can fill new orders as far as possible.
Ways of payment: By convention. This is not a problem with today's payment systems.